APTFLORALDRESSYou might not know this but May is sort of the flower month. So, since today marks the first day of the month of May this 2013, I felt that it was only fitting to post an outfit which had me wearing something with floral prints. Also, if you might have not noticed, floral prints are a big thing this spring 2013!


DENIM_1On New Years day, my family and I decided to take it easy. That morning, in all honesty, I slept pretty late — or should I say early? I was able to catch the first sunrise of 2013 with some of the most amazing friends in the universe and well, you can probably guess what time I got home, haha! With that said, most of my family and I got up pretty late so we went out to spend chill quality time with each other for it was new year.

This bag of mine looks pretty small but believe me, you can fill it up with a number of things! Cool, right? I have this soft spot for studs and I’m sure you all know that. That’s why I knew the moment I got this bag from Hued Bags that I’d be using it quite a number of times!

Since we kept it chill, so was my outfit. My look was sort of an outdoors-esque type of thing since most malls closed early so we decided to keep things easy!

Taking it easy when you dress up doesn’t mean that you need to give up wearing heels, I for one believe it that. That’s why I even wore these gorgeous heels fromPrimadonna to add a bit of glam to my look. I don’t own a pair of glittery heels so I’m glad that these are my first pair! Also, I love how comfortable they are. I swear, Primadonna heels are tested and proven to be one of the comfiest ever and they are just chic beyond words!!

DENIM_6For my accessories, I decided to pile them up all on one arm and keep it simple. During the day it gets exceptionally hot out so I always have a handy hair elastic with me. Luckily, my Goody Double Wear Hair Elastic doubles as a bracelet! Many of my friends who have seen me wear it think it’s a bracelet but then when they see me tie my hair with it, they find it to be the handiest thing!

How cute and cool are these Toxic Candy Clay Shop rings? I decided to get rings with the first letter of my name so it’s a tad bit more personalized. Cute right? It’s got that fun feel to it and keeping it young as well!

DENIM_8For my make up today, since I woke up late I opted to keep things light by playing around with my Naked Palette by using the eye shadow in Naked and using the typical mascara, eye brows and finishing it off with my favorite Mac lipstick in Shy Girl.