AE1Last March 1, I made sure to wake up a tad bit earlier than expected so that I could drop by the American Eagle store at Bonifacio High
Street for the private preview. I remember when I was about thirteen or so I was such a massive fan of the brand, making sure to hoard pieces in the States each time I got the chance. Luckily, it finally opened in Manila and I couldn’t be any happier!! They sell pieces that truly
fit my style as well as my lifestyle. They couldn’t be any more accurate for calling themselves America’s Favorite Denim Brand cause their jeans fit perfectly and look gorgeous when worn!

I swear, while I was walking around their shop, I felt like I was inside someones Tumblr blog. The shop totally gave off that vibe!

Hoodies! These were some of my favorite pieces along with their denims, dresses and accessories! The shop was a mix of neutral tones, hues of blue and splashes or neon here and there. It’s such a fun shop to be in, believe me!
I think this was probably my favorite side of the entire shop. From the items on this side to the colour! It’s just so eye-catching!

I think when David, Vern (not in the photo cause she wasn’t there yet) and I got dressed one thing surely stuck in our head.. DENIM! We all wore a little something with denim being one of the mail pieces of our outfit that morning. David and I chose chambrays (as well as matching frames and black bottoms) while Vern went for skinnies and cute heels! Great minds think I alike! Haha!

There are two floors in American Eagle, the first is for the ladies and the second is for the lads. I should say, the mens line is just as good as the womens! I would seriously love to buy some of their sweaters as well as backpacks.

Ladies, now you know.. There’s a new shop for you girls to buy some gifts not only for your beau but for your dad, brothers, cousins and sons as well!

Oh! Another plus? They sell cute knickers there! From panties, to bras, sleepwear and the like. Believe me, they’re so comfortable!!

As I was leaving the shop, I caught a glimpse of the stage set up for the event that was to happen that evening. It looked massive and I heard that they had to close down the road for three days prior to the event just so they could set up! You’ll see how the amazing stage looks like after when I post the event photos. It was definitely all worth the hard work!

I’ll be sure to drop by American Eagle again and I hope you all make time to swing by as well. I hope to see some of you there! Cheers! x


STEAM_10Earlier this week, I was given the opportunity to be one of the first in the Philippines to try L’Oréals newest addition to their long list of hair treatments.. The Steam Pod! It uses their Keratin treatment alongside a flat iron which releases steam when used. It leaves your hair most and obviously — far from dry! While watching the presentation, I knew that I was going to enjoy this!


SHINDIGDive into the uncharted with the biggest party of the year as Shindig presents SUBMERGED. Gather your friends and party hard this weekend and
get ready for the biggest and boldest Shindig to date! It’ll be on February 2, 2014, 8PM at the NBC Tent. For those who want to score a pass to get into the party on the night itself, the door price will at Php 300. See the posters for all the details. Hope to see you there!
Cheers! x


FUEGO_1Two days after Christmas, my family and I decided to join our family friends (whom we pretty much consider as family) at the beach. We were there for five days — five days that surely helped me recover from all the hustle and bustle here in Manila. I arrived on the night of the 27th so all I got to do was grab a beer then call it a night but on the second day that’s when I got all beach ready!

I decided to get that much-needed tan for a bit. That’s the view from my friends beach house at Fuego It was a good way to listen to songs which I haven’t listened to in a while! Beeteedubs, all photos here were taken with my iPhone! Gosh, technology nowadays. It never fails to amaze me! Thing is, I now need to invest in a Lifeproof case. ANYWAY! After that tanning session, my friends and I decided to hit the beach and enjoy the water, sand and company!!

Since many of us were leaving before the New Years Eve festivities, they decided to have a little teaser of what was to come. I surely got me pumped up for NYE!! Although, I went back to Manila instead of staying at the beach but it’s all good, maybe I’ll get to stay next year! After all that we went to the Tali Beach Concert and decided to chill at our friend, Franc’s place.

The next day, surprisingly we all woke up early enough to spend pretty much the entire day out on the sea! From boating, wake boarding, paddle boarding, jet skiing, swimming and all that jazz.

hese are my friends and I! Whenever we’re at the beach, everyone moves in groups. The grown ups, my friends and I, the teens and the babies. Here we are chowing down some burgers and sipping on soda since we were all just way too hungry! HAHA

We moved to Tali right after to see if any of our friends wanted to jump off Tali Cliff, only a number of our friends went but it’s cool cause we all took a dip (and it was FREEEEEEEZING) instead of jumping. It’s so cool cause I got to see a few friends from a far!

When the sun started to set, we went back home and then chilled at the pool. It was so cool since we all pretty much grew up with each other so while chilling we all reminisced about the good old days. Then that was when it hit me that DAMN, we’ve all been friends since pretty much forever! Literally.

On the last day, I just had breakfast and it was back to Manila for me. It was amazing while it lasted! Can’t wait till the next trip!!


STEPSLast Saturday, I along with a bunch of friends were part of a shoot. I won’t give anything away cause I’d like for you all to be surprised

when it comes out — Don’t worry! I’ll tweet it once it’s been published (which is probably Friday this week). Anyway, the theme? Sunday

Barbecue. With that said, this is what I’d probably wear to a barbecue, haha! What do you think?


BU4It’s that time of the year again!! In a few days (a week actually, on December 15 to 16 to be exact) I along with fellow bloggers showcase a glimpse of our closets through booths yet again! This is your chance to score a number of our clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories! As usual, I am beyond psyched to be selling some pre-loved pieces at the bazaar and I cannot and I mean CANNOT wait to see all my amazing readers yet again! I always have a blast at Bloggers United events cause not only do I get to meet you but I get to hang out with you all as well. So, be sure to crack them piggy banks open, charge your phones as well a your cameras and dress to impress! Can’t wait till next week! I’ll try to be there on both days but I’ll definitely be there on the 15th.
Till then — Cheers! x

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