SINGNIGHTDuring my first (and last for the trip) night at Singapore, we decided to have dinner where the locals (as well as a bunch of foreigners) would frequent. With that said, my family and I turned to the tips given to us by our friend on the plane. This place is apparently a must-visit-food-spot when you’re at Singapore and I’m happy my family and I got to go!!

This place had a variety of stalls to choose from! From Singaporean dishes to Filipino cuisine, how cool is that?

As a testament to its long legacy and reputation, Wee Nam Kee is definitely a must-try restaurant when you visit Singapore!! People were practically swarming over the stall just to get a plate of their famous roasted and steamed chicken rice.

Before my trip, I made it a point to ask my boyfriend about what food I should try while I was there and he told me to make sure to have some Chicken Rice. I’ve tried it before but then this became one of my ultimate favorite dishes after the trip, be sure to have some when you visit!

Many of my readers commented on my Instagram photo telling me to have some Chili Crab, well, I did and it was delicious! From that meal, I can not say that I am a fan of Singaporean food.

After dinner we went to Marina Bay Sands to catch the water and light now. SPECTACULAR. I didn’t want to blink the entire show cause I was scared I’d miss out on something, hahahaha!!

I wish we had shows and stuff like these in Manila. *sigh*

We decided to head back to the Merlion to grab a cup of coffee before heading back to the hotel. The place looks so nice at night, and the breeze was just right.

These are photos from our last few hours in Singapore. I was so sad I had to leave, my stay was way too short. Which only means, I’m going to make sure to go back real soon!

After a quick walk around Raffles Hotel we hopped on a cab and headed to the airport. Pauline and I wanted to buy these but we had no space in our bags anymore. Booo. These were my favorite chocolates growing. After a three hour and ten minute flight, we were back in Manila. Back to reality for me. Till my next travel post, hope you liked this one! x


SING2As the saying goes by the Dalai Lama goes, Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. I was fortunate enough to do such a thing this year. I always love the feeling of traveling to new places. You learn so much things and it’s the most amazing feeling ever.

Never did I expect that these oxfords would be one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I’d own. I used it going to Singapore and flying back to Manila. I like how it’s so light weight and how soft the soles are, the moment I slipped them on while out shopping I knew instantly that I had to have these shoes. Luckily, they had my size and in the colour/style I wanted.. That’s definitely FATE! They were meant to be mine! Haha!

Just like in Manila, since it was so sunny out, I made sure to bring along my I Heart You Shop sunnies with me. I love the shape and size of these frames and they fit my face perfectly!

These photos were taken outside the Raffles Hotel, such a beautiful place. It had this whole New Orleans sort of feel both outside and inside the hotel. Beautiful place.

When I travel, I can never be sure of the weather (just like how bipolar the weather in Manila can get). So to be sure, I always take a ton of my Goody elastics with me. From my sisters, to my mum and myself — these always come in handy!

Btw, on the last day of my stay at Singapore I knew my family and I would do much walking so I thought it would be cool to wear a long sleeved top (since I figured it was going to be cold on the plane) and paired it with my favorite American Apparel shorts and new pair of Cole Haan Gramercy Oxfords!!

Okay, as you all know, I am such a huge One Direction fan (believe it or not) and since I haven’t really included them in my blog for quite some time now, I think it’s only fitting that I do so now. Well, this song has definitely got to be one of my favorite tracks by them, cause not only is the song such fun to listen to but the video is just hilarious!! My sisters and I love to blast this in my car and sing out loud when we’re all together! Hahahaha!! Well, I hope you enjoy not only the song but ogling at the boys too! Cheers!! x


SING1Alright, I know I’m supposed to be blogging about the second of three Coachella inspired looks but I just can’t wait to share this outfit post with you all! As some of you might know, I took a much needed vacation with my family to Singapore (more on that soon) and this is what I wore out and about on my first day there.

Before I left for Singapore I made sure to ask my friends who live there what the weather was like. All of them said it was hot, almost as hot as Manila but with a cool breeze. Taking that thought along with me while I packed, I made sure to take this super cute sparrow printed dress along with me.

Whenever I travel, I make it a point to only carry around a small bad/purse with all my necessities with me so that I’m not hassled when going around.

Since I could only pack so much in my luggage (wanted to make sure to make room for when I went shopping) I didn’t get to bring much accessories with me. Luckily, my SM Accessories earrings can instantly give my girly outfit that much needed edgy-ness that I love oh so much. Also, they are so light to wear that I didn’t have to worry about taking them off while I was out the entire day!!

Oh btw, I forgot to mention this but, another thing I love about this dress? This cute cutout at the back, this surely helped keep me cool under the hot Singapore sun!

Random but when I was getting ready to head out, for some strange reason I decided to part my hair on the right again instead of my usual center part. I wanted to ask, which do you think is better? Right or center? let me know!

For some reason, whenever I go on vacation, I always find myself listening to Jason Mraz. I don’t know why but I think he’s one of those artists that when you listen to him, his voice just seems to make you feel so relaxed.. so calm.. and so happy! Which I think are stuff you’d like to feel when you travel. Anyways, here’s the song Make it Mine, the lyrics, the video and the beat are awesome!! Oh and cool how the video shows him touring/traveling which I thought connects to this blog as well! Well, I hope you enjoy it! x


FUEGO_1Two days after Christmas, my family and I decided to join our family friends (whom we pretty much consider as family) at the beach. We were there for five days — five days that surely helped me recover from all the hustle and bustle here in Manila. I arrived on the night of the 27th so all I got to do was grab a beer then call it a night but on the second day that’s when I got all beach ready!

I decided to get that much-needed tan for a bit. That’s the view from my friends beach house at Fuego It was a good way to listen to songs which I haven’t listened to in a while! Beeteedubs, all photos here were taken with my iPhone! Gosh, technology nowadays. It never fails to amaze me! Thing is, I now need to invest in a Lifeproof case. ANYWAY! After that tanning session, my friends and I decided to hit the beach and enjoy the water, sand and company!!

Since many of us were leaving before the New Years Eve festivities, they decided to have a little teaser of what was to come. I surely got me pumped up for NYE!! Although, I went back to Manila instead of staying at the beach but it’s all good, maybe I’ll get to stay next year! After all that we went to the Tali Beach Concert and decided to chill at our friend, Franc’s place.

The next day, surprisingly we all woke up early enough to spend pretty much the entire day out on the sea! From boating, wake boarding, paddle boarding, jet skiing, swimming and all that jazz.

hese are my friends and I! Whenever we’re at the beach, everyone moves in groups. The grown ups, my friends and I, the teens and the babies. Here we are chowing down some burgers and sipping on soda since we were all just way too hungry! HAHA

We moved to Tali right after to see if any of our friends wanted to jump off Tali Cliff, only a number of our friends went but it’s cool cause we all took a dip (and it was FREEEEEEEZING) instead of jumping. It’s so cool cause I got to see a few friends from a far!

When the sun started to set, we went back home and then chilled at the pool. It was so cool since we all pretty much grew up with each other so while chilling we all reminisced about the good old days. Then that was when it hit me that DAMN, we’ve all been friends since pretty much forever! Literally.

On the last day, I just had breakfast and it was back to Manila for me. It was amazing while it lasted! Can’t wait till the next trip!!