THEVoice_1-300x225While I was getting dressed for a night afternoon out with friends, I don’t know what came over me but all I wanted to do was make sure to wear red and black. Maybe it’s cause I’m pretty darn excited cause the Voice season 4 is finally back on (it came back on last April 1 actually) and if you watch or know about the show, it’s logo is black, white and red! I wonder who is going to win this season?


Smart_iPhone5_1-300x225First and foremost.. HAPPY NEW YEAR and CHEERS to my first post for 2013! I do apologize for the short hiatus for the past few days — I was

at the beach and decided to take it easy and relax for a number of days. Well, here’s to a new year filled with new adventures and a number

of blog posts!Last December 13, Smart decided to throw a massive party in order to welcome the arrival of the much awaited iPhone 5. The

turnout was AMAZING that night! The amount of people at the Resorts World Atrium, Opus and Republiq that night was just.. WOW! It left me

speechless! CONGRATULATIONS to Smart for a successful event! I am so happy I bit into the better network!


STEPS_1-300x225Last Saturday, I along with a bunch of friends were part of a shoot. I won’t give anything away cause I’d like for you all to be surprised

when it comes out — Don’t worry! I’ll tweet it once it’s been published (which is probably Friday this week). Anyway, the theme? Sunday

Barbecue. With that said, this is what I’d probably wear to a barbecue, haha! What do you think?